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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kitchen Storage Ideas

     I'm no kitchen organization expert, but I do know what works! 

These ideas won't whip your kitchen into shape, but they may help win a battle in the kitchen clutter war. I love to have things look clean and organized. A few years ago I found these snapware containers on a good sale at Meijers. {This is not a sponsored post} These babies go on sale a few times a year and you can usually find good coupons for them too. {With this combo I didn't spend more than $1.00 on each one}

I love to use them for some of the dry goods that I keep on hand all the time. Just this past week I found some cute labels at Hobby Lobby to help the domestically challenged {there are 4 boys living here}, and lets face it, they look better with labels too!

These labels come with instructions to print your font on them. But it didn't work! The Rice and Oats turned out ok but the rest didn't line up well for me, thus the hand writing.

These smaller sized containers are great for sugars and chocolate chips, and they pop open easily to pour. I was worried that my brown sugar would get hard but it never has. 

This 1.7 liter size hold about 4 bags of chocolate chips. When I first filled them I marked on the back roughly how much one bag of chips came up to. I did that with all four so that if I'm making a recipe that calls for one bag I know approximately how much to pour in without having to measure.

Baskets are great in the baking cupboard to store things like yeast packets, nuts, marshmallows or other mix ins. 

I also keep measurement conversions and my go-to frosting recipe on the inside of my baking cupboard.

But here's my new favorite storage solution idea. We were at a friends house for the final four games this Spring and this friend is one of those friends whose house is always in order. Its kind of an obsession with her. She could go into business cleaning and organizing! 

She happened to open her cupboard to get water bottles for the kids and I heard the angels singing! For real! My thing about water bottles is that the kids never want the one at the front of the shelf and in their search for the right one, they all come crashing down. 

Here's how Lisa stores them:

Is that not so smart! 

I hope you can use some of these ideas too. An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen. {And there's your daily dish of corn! Organization makes me so giddy!}


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