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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Deck Redo Part One

     When I clicked on the little blogger tab to write a new post I kind of expected some bells and whistles to go off. You see, this is my 200th post! I can't believe it myself! It seems I should do something momentous for this post but alas, its just a deck revamp!

     If you've been gracious enough to follow all 200 postings {you must be some sort of saint!} ;), you will know that we have a small house. And with a small house, comes a small deck. Not knowing what our future holds we don't want to put  much money into something bigger, but it needs a face lift.

     Off to the left is our little sand box. The wood is in decent shape but it does have a few stains in places. With this in mind and a desire to do anything that will make our small space seem bigger I decided to stain this deck in a darker brown {which is the color of our hardwoods inside} to help extend the space. Besides, the darker color also helped to color a multitude of sins that this little deck carried!

     The can said that one coat was all that was needed but I did two. With only one coat I could see all of my stopping and starting points and it didn't look very good.
I used a foam roller brush and about a 1/2 gallon of stain. I would recommend keeping your stopping and starting points to a minimum. For this deck it would have looked better if I went slat by slat. You can see with one coat where the overlaps occurred.

One coat:

Two coats were much better:

Even though this is a small space I have a few fun things planned. First off I wanted to add some fun life and color. I had a small black folding table and decided to give it a hit of spray paint.

I traced newsprint around the inside rim of the table and cut the circle then put tape underneath to cover the glass top, then hit it with several coats of red spray paint. {I did underestimate the amount of newspaper I would need around and left a nice reddish haze on the garage floor~sorry honey!}

Phase One of this project is done. Come back soon for the rest of the project!

Thank you for joining me on this blogging journey!

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  2. Wow, your deck looks amazing. The staining made it look totally new. I would love for you to link this to my
    Inspire Me party that is ongoing.

    Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

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