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Friday, April 5, 2013

Car Emergency Box

This is the time of year when I want to refresh everything! Know what I mean? From Spring cleaning the house and garage to even the van!

Earlier in the week I did a total cleaning out of our van. {I'm convinced we could open a McDonald's franchise with all the fries I found in the back seat!}. I vacuumed it out and wiped down all the hard surfaces. It looks so much better.......for the moment!

I also decided to go through my car box and freshen things up there too. What is a car emergency box you ask?

Well, my car box holds emergency and incidental items we might need all in a plain old wipes container. This little bad boy has come in handy many a time and has been there to bail me out when I've forgotten something or if a minor crisis occurs.

Every family has different needs so tailor your own box to suit yours. Here's what we have in ours:

Dramamine {for the little guy who gets car sick}
Allergy meds
Bandages/gauzepads/bandage tape
Ace bandage
AA batteries {for the camera}
A hair band
Bobby pins
Bug spray
Sanitary Items
Itch Stick {or Benadryl cream}
Hand Lotion
A Handy Tool (with a knife,plyers, and screw driver)
Nail File
A spare toothbrush/toothpaste
$20.00 cash {you know, for an emergency flurry or a garage sale} 

This amazing little box fits into a plastic tote that sits between the two front seats. In this box are the rest of the necessities:

Spare Change
Antibacterial Wipes
Hand Sanitizer

Here are some other items you could add just to get your creative juices flowing:

Change of clothes or at least underwear {for the accident prone}
Any other meds your family needs
Water bottle
Stain Stick
Hair spray
Candy to suck on 
Cough drops

My box usually includes an umbrella and snow scraper too. 

Now if you want to go a step further you could also add a kid kit. This was my newest addition this year, and it helps to lighten the load in my purse too!

My kid kit is a small bag of items to keep my 4 year old happy in the car pool line, while running a bunch of errands, or even for church. The items in this kit may need to be refreshed more frequently and include:

Small ball
Toy Car

The suckers are my secret weapon when we are out shopping and Hudson has decided he's done. I save the suckers for just such an occasion so that we can power through and finish what we have too.
Again, this could include so many other things but for now this will do.

Having these things on hand takes the stress and planning out of trips around town. Do you do anything like this? What items have I missed?

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  1. I really need to put one of these boxes together! There was no extra room in the old car, but now that we have a van it just seems dumb not to have one. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. We live in a tropical climate in Aussie so always have extra water on hand. I used to do a kid's kit when my son was younger but now he just brings his ipod! And I have to include hats/sunscreen/togs/towel as the opportunity to swim nearly always presents itself!! I have a med kit too but not as good as yours. Well done - spread the word!

  3. That is brilliant! I've got about half of those things in my own car, but not all in one place.

  4. Visiting from Sarah's. We gave these as teacher gifts one year, and they LOVED them!! There are also great gifts for new drivers.


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