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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Billy Bookcase Background Ideas

     Now say that three times fast! 

I was on twitter the other night and I follow Jen from Tatertots and Jello. She showed a picture of some amazing wrapping paper that she found at Marshalls in California last week. 

I certainly know about their amazing wrapping paper because I had used their fake wood paper as my bookcase background, but I really wanted to do something with navy. When I saw her pic of the navy chevron I was in love. {As 'in love' with wrapping paper as one can be}. 

These are some of the papers I found:

And if you look closely you can see they are only $2.99! Amazing!

So my bookcases got an update. I'm not sure which I like better but I'm guessing when my hubby sees them the chevron might be a bit too much for him.

What do you like better?

Billy bookcase's {from IKEA} are easy to swap backgrounds out if you use push pins. I use clear ones and they go easily into the cardboard-ish backing.

They certainly add a lot of drama in this little space. And I have a lot of chevron going on all over so it may be a bit much........I will have to marinade on it for a while..........

Now, what to use that houndstooth seafoam paper for?

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