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Friday, March 8, 2013

Subway Art

     Have you seen subway art around? I wasn't really aware of what it was until just recently. I guess in past history subway art was a part of New York City's graffiti movement. Now days subway art is a way of listing names, cities, movies, or whatever you want to be reminded of.

Here's an example that Target sells:

     I decided to give this design trend a go. I am sure there are a lot of tutorials out there, but I will share how I put mine together.

     First decide what words you want to use. I went with cities that my hubby and I have been to together, and that had some meaning for us.

     My background is a large canvas that I painted navy. A large board would also work too. {Yep, just cheapy craft paint}

     Once I had my background, using my computer and a basic word processing program I printed out my city names using font size 150. Then I cut them out and laid them out on my canvas.

Using a basic sign making technique, I shaded the back of the letters with pencil then traced my letters onto the canvas.

{I will admit that this was the hardest font to do because of all of the squiggly lines!}

    Once you trace them you will have a faint outline of your letters that you can color in with a paint pen. 
{The lighter your canvas color the easier it will be to see your pencil tracing.}

{If you look really close you can see the LA outline}

       When its done you can protect its surface with a light coat of spray sealer. This will make it easier for dusting and keeping it clean.

I thought this would be a tedious project but it was actually quite fun. {Kind of like coloring} :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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