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Friday, March 8, 2013

Subway Art

     Have you seen subway art around? I wasn't really aware of what it was until just recently. I guess in past history subway art was a part of New York City's graffiti movement. Now days subway art is a way of listing names, cities, movies, or whatever you want to be reminded of.

Here's an example that Target sells:

     I decided to give this design trend a go. I am sure there are a lot of tutorials out there, but I will share how I put mine together.

     First decide what words you want to use. I went with cities that my hubby and I have been to together, and that had some meaning for us.

     My background is a large canvas that I painted navy. A large board would also work too. {Yep, just cheapy craft paint}

     Once I had my background, using my computer and a basic word processing program I printed out my city names using font size 150. Then I cut them out and laid them out on my canvas.

Using a basic sign making technique, I shaded the back of the letters with pencil then traced my letters onto the canvas.

{I will admit that this was the hardest font to do because of all of the squiggly lines!}

    Once you trace them you will have a faint outline of your letters that you can color in with a paint pen. 
{The lighter your canvas color the easier it will be to see your pencil tracing.}

{If you look really close you can see the LA outline}

       When its done you can protect its surface with a light coat of spray sealer. This will make it easier for dusting and keeping it clean.

I thought this would be a tedious project but it was actually quite fun. {Kind of like coloring} :)

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  1. It looks awesome! I love the navy blue paint you went with! I found you on Diana Rambles link party and am now your newest follower! Would love if you could check out my blog:)
    Selene @

  2. Hi Jody - I like this a lot!! Would like to copy (a nice spring break project!), but I'm not clear on your 'basic sign making technique.' Could you give me a website that helped you or more specific info? Thank you - sorry to bother! - Rhonda

    1. Sorry Rhonda! I meant to include my link. Here it is:

  3. Hi, I'd love to have you share on Show and Tell Saturday #7 at Sassy Little Lady!


  4. Love it! I have always wanted to make one... thanks for the great tutorial! I hopped over from Diana Rambles Linky Party. Can't wait to explore your blog:)

  5. Cute!!!! What a neat idea! Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! Found you via Show and tell Saturday

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  7. Your post is featured today on Show and Tell Saturday at Sassy Little Lady!


  8. Great project. Your home is beautiful!
    I'm visiting you today from Diana Rambles Pin Me party. I hope you can stop by my blog and leave a comment as well!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  9. I love this and I can’t wait to try this nice idea. It really looks awesome.


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