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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mini Spring Wreath

     Are you feeling the time change yet! I can't tell you how hard it was to get up this morning! I love the days being lighter for later but this early morning business is for the birds!

     I suppose it is a greater indication that Spring is on the way and I'm all for that! So today is as good a day as any to talk Spring wreaths.

     I'm still in love with the Spring wreath I made last year and it is now gracing my front door again.

     I am still debating when to pull it down and put up my Easter wreath.

     BUT, today is about another little wreath. A tutorial is probably not necessary but it you are new to wreath making or you want a tip on a cheap way to make them, stick around.

     Last week I showed you the springy changes I made in my bathroom. If you look close you will see a little wreath above the toilet. {What a place for a wreath} ;)

To add more texture and depth I layered this guy on a mirror over a rattan charger.

     This is just a basic yarn wrapped wreath, but underneath is a little secret. All of the foam wreath forms are quite a bit more expensive. So I went with the hay wreath. If you have allergies, keep reading. {So do I}.

     These wreaths come wrapped in plastic. Keep it on! This will help with allergies, keep moisture from building up and prevent little pieces of hay from peeking out. I use one of those 3-M adhesive tabs to stick my yarn on the form to start but you could also just tie a knot! :)

     Wrap your yarn all the way around and your golden.

What you add to your wreath is up to you. A while back I found these balsa wood flowers at my super grocery store in the craft section and they've been lounging in the craft box just waiting for such a project.

If you don't have flowers like this, my original plan was to use yarn poms. These are easy to do and in some fun colors would add a lot more life to this wreath {than I was looking for}, but would be fun elsewhere.

Here's a simple way to make yarn poms:

Aren't they cute!

That was so easy you now have no excuse for not making a fun little wreath. This base was about $2.00 and the yarn I had lying around. So go for it!

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