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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Craft Organization

     This post is for my friends who don't have a craft room. You know, one of those big beautiful spaces dedicated to all things crafty where you don't have to put things away when you're done? Right, I don't know! I'm not jealous. I am choosing this life of simplistic living with my small little house. I'm content. ;)

     I found that my craft supplies, out of season decor, fabric and odds and ends were all over the house! Literally! Some were in a bedroom closet, some in my desk, more in the kitchen cabinet, the kitchen drawer, the basement, garage, etc! AHH! Enough already!

     Since my dream of a craft room isn't coming true in the near future I decided that at the very least I could get everything together and organized. This is not a post of beautiful pictures and fabulous befores and afters. It is however, the story of how I brought it all together and restored the sanity.

     I started by getting it all out.

I told you, its not pretty!

     Next I decided where the most logical place would be to store it all neatly. I settled on two locations. {Not totally ideal but way better than the 57 prior locations!} The basement shelves, and my living room sewing box.

Here's what the basement shelves looked like before:

     This is where I keep all of my out of season decor that is just dumped onto the shelves {along with bigger totes for Christmas, and Fall decor}. This happens to be in my laundry area and when I get behind in the laundry {which is every day} there is a mountain of clothes to ascend before reaching these shelves.

     I found a few empty plastic containers and jars from around the house and used some scrapbook paper to label everything. {I don't need the labels but when you send say your hubby down to get paint supplies it makes it a lot easier for him!}

Now everything has a place and that makes this momma happy!

I used another shelf next to my dryer for all of my paint things.

In the living room next to my couch I have an old sewing box that houses all of my little crafting things and tools. 

      So until my house suddenly sprouts a crafting room this will have to do, and that's ok with me!

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  1. I feel so much better seeing your "before" pics. Mine is worse, but now I have hope.

  2. good job Jody! Now that you're all organized I bet you are super inspired to be creative! Always such a good feeling! I am in the process of reorganizing things in the storage area of my garage, I am borrowing your idea of the plastic bin for the spray paint, in a plastic tub, mine is on a shelf but when I grab one I knock 3 over! Thanks,

  3. Great job! You will be oh so creative now! Thanks for sharing, visiting from BNOP.

  4. Great organization! I had to do the same thing since I don't have a dedicated craft room. It works and I am able to find things so much more easily now.

  5. Oh how I yearn for my own craft room! Your organization looks great. One of my next projects is going to be to organize our laundry room, which doubles as a pantry and catch all for all the other stuff that has no home in our house, and I'm hoping I'll make room for some of my crafting supplies in there. Right now they are in a very unstable mountain on my desk that looks like a craft store threw would be nice to actually be able to use my desk for crafting instead of staring at the overwhelming mess!

  6. I too dream of the day I have craft room. I love your sewing box! I have a new one and I'm now going to be on the look out for something like yours.


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