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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Potato Cheese Soup

      This is my most favorite, cold winter's night, kind of soup! It is so flavorful and delicious and the pictures don't do it justice!

 Potato Cheese Soup!

     The hardest part about making this soup is peeling the potatoes, for real. {Its harder for me because I'm allergic to raw potatoes and whenever I peel I end up sneezing, watery eyes and tight chest!~but still so worth it!}

1} Saute your onion in 2 T. of oil until lightly browned. {do this while your potatoes are cooking}

2} OK, so this is out of sequence but measure your potatoes and cook them in water, bouillon, and salt until cooked through.

3} Blend half of your potatoes/water in the blender until smooth. Add your onions {so the texture of your soup is smooth~the sneaky thing about this too is that the kids don't realize their are onions in it!}, parsley and pepper.

4} This is what it will look like. Add this back to the rest of your potatoes and water then add the milk, cheese and butter.

Heat it through and serve.

I always have more cheese at the table to add as a garnish. Be sure and taste it before you serve it to see if it needs more salt. This soup is so yummy and tastes even better with corn muffins. This batch is a little more than we eat at a meal and the leftovers are great for my lunches at work.


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  1. I am going to make potato soup tonight! I will try your recipe, thanks!


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