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Monday, January 28, 2013

No Sew Infinity Scarf!

       This may seem like a "well, duh!" kind of posts but with all of the busyness lately, this idea seemed like genius to me and one of those ideas that probably everyone else has thought of except me! If there are a few of you out there like me, this post may be helpful.

     Disclaimer #2: I don't like taking pictures of myself. There's something kind of weird about that to me. Others that do it look cute, but for me it feels uncomfortable. Also I don't claim to be a fashionista, but if I can get a popular look without having to go shopping I'm totally on board!

So now that I have that out in the open, let us begin!

     All you need to make an infinity scarf is a regular scarf and a pony tail holder.

Here's the scarf the regular way:

     And here's the change to the infinity scarf:

Isn't that cute! I love how this looks! 

Here's how to do it!

First take the two ends together.

Then wrap them with a pony tail holder so that its tight.

Tuck the banded end under your top layer. {This may seem really basic but if you haven't worn an infinity scarf before you make a figure 8 with your scarf then put it over your head. Or put the loop over your head, twist it and put it over your head again!}

Thank you for indulging me in this simple post! I suppose you could sew the ends together if you wanted a permanent change. I also tried tying the ends together but this shortened the scarf too much and added a bulky knot. 

Sorry for all of the pictures of me! We will get back to our regular household stuff shortly! ;)

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