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Friday, January 18, 2013

Hanging wall art, the easy way!

     I was planning to go into work today but my littlest guy has me home with a fever. While he vegges on the couch with Micky on I thought I'd share with you phase 2 of our living room update. {If you missed my last post, we are trying to increase the storage and seating in our little living room for our big family!}.

     Since we hope to fill the back wall with shelving I had to move the pictures of our precious kiddos. I decided to use our accent wall as a sort of gallery. I didn't want to mess this up, so here's the process I used to get them all lined up right.

First, the wall in question:

I wanted to fill in around the picture of the Mackinac Bridge with 6 frames.

1)     Trace frames onto newspaper and cut them out.

2)     Using painters tape, tape them onto the wall and move them around until you like the arrangement.

3)    Pound your nail through your newspaper after you've marked where the nail should go, then pull your paper off the wall, leaving the nail in place.

4)     Then, hang your frames!

     Here's another idea: use some of the fabric in your room to fill your frame. You can kind of see this in the smaller frames. This just adds a little more color and texture and adds to that 'homey' feel.

     Thanks for stopping by! Now we just have to get a trip to IKEA on the calendar!

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