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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

     Decorating Christmas trees is NOT my forte! Every year I struggle to pull together a decent looking tree. Part of my struggle is deciding whether or not I want a beautiful tree vs. a traditional tree with all the homemade ornaments that my kids cherish. Will I sound like a bad mom if I tell you I opted for a beautiful tree? Before you pass judgment on my mothering skills hear me out. I think I found the best of both worlds. This year we gave each kid {I have 4} their own little tree or branch garland for their own room. Then we let them choose the ornaments that mean the most to them to decorate their rooms with. They thought we were the best parents ever and we were able to have a beautiful tree! That's a win/win in my book! :)

     This year we decided to go with an aqua and silver theme thanks to some great after Christmas decor I scored for a song last December. Because of allergies we stick with the old fake tree but the new decor elevated its status a bit.

     If you remember, I came up with a new way to hang Christmas tree lights {patent pending} ;) that I like to call 'swag lighting'. It is seriously so much easier to do and the results even impressed my husband!

     We added some white feathers to make it look a little snowy. These were easy to just tuck into the branches and none have fallen off yet.

     The garland is a combo of this felt tutorial and crocheted yarn {I followed a google tutorial on the simple chain stitch}.

     On top we just added a bow this year.

     And underneath is this year's tree skirt.

     To really make your tree pop, don't forget to add some sparkle inside the tree, not just on the outer branches.

     To ease my conscience you should know that my kids did the initial decorating of the tree with Christmas music playing and hot chocolate too. {They don't know that I tweaked everything after they went to bed~what's a perfectionist to do?}

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  1. This looks wonderful and wobbly! I already feel Christmas fever in my family. thanks for the share. @

  2. I love the swag lighting. Way to go!

  3. Now we need to see the kids' "trees!"


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