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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A New Way to Hang Christmas Lights

     My least favorite part of the whole putting-up-the-tree-business is the lighting. We use a fake tree every year due to allergies and when we put the tree in the basement we don't take it apart we just throw a sheet over it with the lights left on. So really I shouldn't complain! It always seems though that one of the strands doesn't work or they don't look evenly dispersed. My kids stand there with ornaments in hand waiting for the lighting to be fixed so they can pounce on that tree with their ornaments.

     I determined this year to come up with an easier way! I love the overall glow of a Christmas tree but can't seem to ever achieve that. So I decided to go swag style!

     This is a super easy look to achieve and it even impressed my husband! I used four strands of lights and started by laying them all out on the floor.

     I attached them all together so there is only one plug to plug into the wall. Grab your strands together and start with the end opposite of your wall plug at the top of your tree. Keeping them together you only need to go around your tree two or three times {unless you have a really tall tree!}

How's that for easy!

     We just need to add the ornaments and we're all set! Now if a strand dies, it will be a lot easier to extract it from the tree without dismantling the whole thing! 

Come on back on Friday for a tutorial on how to make my tree and mantel garland.

Check out the tree skirt tutorial here.


  1. cute idea! I may use it on one my smaller trees. I'm a lighting nut. I used 13 strands of lights on my real tree last year. I know I should probably be embarrassed or something...

    1. I put 14 strands on an 8 foot tree here -- I'm so ashamed at my excess I am signing this Anonymous!

  2. I like the swag style. DEfinitely a lot easier. Love it. how do you plan to hang the ornaments?

  3. I'd say if it has hubby's stamp of approval your golden. I love the look and plan to use it one a mini tree that could use a little sparkle. Thanks

  4. This is a cool idea! And another thing is actually purchase the icicle lighting that is usually hung from the eves of houses. It looks fabulous put on a tree!


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