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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Candy Bucket

     I was in my local grocery store the other day and came across some cute {but expensive} buckets to put your candy in for your trick or treaters. Now I don't know what happened to just hauling out your mixing bowl and dumping that candy in or why we need fancy halloween buckets/bowls for candy. As I shook my head in wonder and moved on I began questioning my stand on said fancy bowls. I realized that my usual bowl was being used and wouldn't be available in time {oh the horrors, what would I do!}. Of course I would never purchase expensive fancy bowls that only had one purpose and would need to then be stored the rest of the year, but I had to resolve this dilemma! I happened to walk past some clearance pots and knew that I had orange spray paint at home and an idea was born.

     I started with my cutie assistant and my terra cotta colored pot.

     We spray painted the sucker orange {or at least more orange-y that it currently was}.

     To bring our bowl "to life" we added some black felt and googly eyes, then filled him up. He's kind of creepy which wasn't really my intent, but he will hold the candy proudly. Plus, if I don't like him or want to store him I can repaint him and add some plants come spring. So you see I didn't really waste money on a fancy pot! *winks*

    And for now he sits on top of the hutch, clearly out of reach. If my husband finds out he's filled there won't  be much left by the 31st!

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