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Friday, October 19, 2012

Dresser Decor

     I've always been stumped with the styling of dresser tops. And I'm not sure why. I want my dresser top to be functional, as in hold items I need and use, but I also want it to look good.

     I've tried variations of things over the years but never been quite satisfied. So I decided to seek some inspiration. First I'm going to show you some images to inspire you in your own quest for dresser beautification. As I write this I'm totally struck with how miniscule pretty dressers are in the grand scheme of things but sometimes its the little things that make a bigger difference. {Now a pretty dresser is not going to solve world hunger or satisfy the longing of our souls, but it does help make our spaces more enjoyable for living.} Can we move along? :)

That Kind of Woman

      I love this dresser because of all of the texture. I think the more texture we can infuse in our homes, the homier they will be. 

Sheridan French

     This dresser makes a big statement in and of itself and the items on top are more neutral, letting the dresser speak for itself. I love the shiny items which add a touch or formality.

Pottery Barn
     This is another great example of texture. I love the use of the silver tray to corral useful items, and the mix of finishes is delicious.

OK, so with inspiration in hand I set about to update the dressers in our master bedroom. The only thing I knew that wasn't going to change was the pictures of my babies. Seriously, when I'm old and in the nursing home these pictures better be on my dresser then too!

    For my husbands dresser, I used this old picnic basket for him to store his watches, bullets, and whatever else he would be tempted just to dump on the dresser top. I stole the picture from the hallway to help create balance with the mirror above my dresser. Unfortunately the layout of our bedroom is such that this is the only way the dressers work ~ side by side. Not that aesthetically pleasing but it works.

     On my dresser, besides my babes, I have my jewelry box and little basket tower. What do you keep on yours?

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