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Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Deer Art

    Today I want to share a fun little project with you! I've been admiring those animal silhouette art, but was always disappointed when I would check them out only to find they used one of those vinyl machines to create them. I knew there had to be a way to make them without an expensive machine so thus started my quest!

     I'm still crushing on this chevron fabric I had and used it to cover another art project I had laying around.  Plan 'A' was to use a staple gun to attach my fabric to the canvas frame. But do you think it was where it belongs? Of course not! So plan 'B' was to use the trusty glue gun. I have to admit, it worked pretty good.

     If you want to make one too, here's what you'll need:

  • Canvas frame {I think mine is 11x14}
  • Fabric to cover it
  • Staple or glue gun
  • Craft paint/brush
  • Computer for printing image

     To begin with I ironed my fabric. Because this frame had something already painted on it I used a piece of white fabric to act as a liner.

     Trim your fabric so there is just about an inch around. You don't want a lot of bulk on the back. My mother would be proud of my "hospital corner"!

     Then I did the same thing with my top fabric.

     Next I googled 'deer silhouette' and the very first thing that came up I clicked on. At first the image was way to big {it was an 8x10 size}, then I printed the 4x6. In hindsight I should have done the 5x7 but oh well!

     Using a paper punch I punched a hole in the deer for a starting point for my scissors. The goal is to cut the center out leaving the silhouette.

     This is harder than you think! I kept having to stop myself from wanting to trim away the white part!

     When you're done, there are two things you can do. You can either tape this guy down and fill in with paint or you can go around the inside image with chalk to leave an image for you to paint over.

     I did both. First I traced but then decided that for such a small image I would try to use the paper as a stencil. With the thin paper you have to hold down the paper as you paint so you get a clean line.

     I love how he turned out! Next time I would go with a bigger image, but this guy's cute too!

     Hopefully this will add just a bit of manliness that my guys will like!

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  1. I'm totally pinning this. LOVE IT!!! I'm your newest member I found your blog through Creatively Southern. If you have the time I would love for you to pop in on my blog at Thrifty Chicky 28 :)

  2. This looks fantastic youve done a great job making a unique piece of artwork! Im a little obsessed with deer heads I just love the look of them I cant explain it :)

  3. Do you have the specific link? I want this head exactly and can't seem to locate it


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