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Monday, October 8, 2012

Creative Clutter Containment

     I love creative storage solutions. Our house is small, and there are a lot of us! {ok, 6, but it feels like a lot more when the weather keeps the kids inside!}. I'm always having to think outside of the box when it comes to storage, and I'm always looking for more ideas.

     Today I want to share some of my ideas as well as ideas from around the web. I hope that this will encourage you too to think about how you can contain some of that clutter in new and different ways.

     How about a cute little plate to keep your sponges in. Its not necessary, but it sure looks a lot nicer. This leaf plate came from Goodwill.

     These glass containers were also found at a local thrift shop. The syrup jar holds degreaser for the laundry room.

     Use a basket to keep all of your library books in one place! I can't tell you how many fines this has saved us!

     Make use of a decorative element for storage. Here I used this jar to store the bedroom TV remote.

     Those wipes containers are awesome little boxes, perfect for the car kit. Here's what I have in mine along with a $20.00 bill just for emergencies {or maybe a garage sale!}.

     In my daughters room we've used an inexpensive canopy with a knot in the bottom to store all of her stuffed animals.

     Glass jars are also handy for all of the hair bands and bows as well as pony tail holders and beads.

     I told you glass jars were handy! Here we keep the boys cars as a decorative element in their bathroom. {They have tons more that they actually play with~these we keep just for looks}.

     How about a cute little egg cup for a candle holder, or a glass jar too.

     These large baskets are great by the door for shoes. One for the kids and one for mom and dad!

     While we're on the basket theme, how about using one for your kitchen utensils. I love texture and why not have some in the kitchen.

      Magazine holders {on the bottom shelf} are great for corralling all of those little cookbooks.

     Tiered stands are great for many things. I use this one for my bracelets and smaller necklaces.

     I love putting my sticks of butter in a basket. It looks nicer and then I know what I have at a glance.

     Vintage sewing boxes are great for organizing crafting items.  Now, that's enough from my house how about a few more great containment ideas? has a great idea for storing plastic grocery bags. {Just make sure you don't grab these when you have to sneeze! ;) }.

     This is a great use for an old baby shampoo bottle from I love this!

I hope you have been inspired to contain your clutter and those everyday items you want to keep handy. You don't have to go out and buy expensive containers, just look around you or go to your local thrift store.

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  1. The canopy for the stuffed animals looks so cute! Great job of making everyday things look pretty.


  2. Great ideas! I love baskets for organization of any kind ~ your butter basket is impressive ;) I think I have that same remote jar...does it have a shell lid? And, the baby shampoo phone holder is too cute....hmmmm, may want to recreate that one. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the matchbox cars in the glass jar. Who knew those little cars could be such a great decorating element? :)

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