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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Laundry Room Color

     So I have a basement laundry room. And its in a basement, as in an unfinished basement. Its not really a place I enjoy going to. I love seeing those beautiful laundry room reveals and I am very sure that if I had one of those I would go into the laundry business just so I could be in that laundry room all the time! Know what I mean?

     As I was wallowing in my sad laundry room, I decided that just because we don't have the budget to make it a glorious space, it doesn't mean I can't perk it up a bit. And what perks a space up more than color?

     I have an oak laundry cart that sits next to my washer and it looks sad and forlorn. Its the perfect candidate for a little R&R {you know, refinishing and refurbishing}.

     I went to our little local hardware store and found a color and shouted cheer! {Its the lightest one on that paint chip}

     Here's the carts before:

     The paint I purchased was a paint and primer in one. I sanded the cart first. I was hoping that with this paint I would only need to do 2 coats. It took 3. So I guess it didn't save a step. Oh well, live and learn!

     This is after coat 1.

     While the paint dried I went to a local thrift shop for some jars to store laundry items.

     I love this little syrup container for the degreaser I use to get grease spots out. Because we have a water softener I cut my dryer sheets in half, and they fit perfectly in the glass canister. I took my initial pics outside because the basement pictures didn't do this little cart justice. {I don't know, something about not having natural light in the basement makes good pics hard to take!}

And now, in its place in the basement.

     Its no basement remodel, but it sure makes things a little cheerier down there!

I'm sharing this project here:

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  1. Oh that looks beautiful, I love seeing transformed furniture. The green is such a great color for this piece

  2. LOVE it JODY!!! Your laundry room looks like mine!! :) The cart is amazing!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  3. Cute idea. I wonder if I could paint my ugly fiberglass laundry tubs?

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