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Friday, September 28, 2012

Art Prize

     If you aren't from the Grand Rapids area, I want to introduce you to something amazing. Art Prize is this unbelievable event that last around 2 1/2 weeks in and around the city. Artists from all over the world enter their paintings, sculptures, songs, and creations into this contest for $250,000.

     We love this time of year {for lots of reasons} but especially because of Art Prize. Here is some of the amazing art that we enjoyed.

     This guy was my kids favorite. The artist made the bones out of who knows what to construct this T-Rex.

     It is crazy cool the things that can be made from recycled materials. See if you can recognize these utilitarian items.

     These copper characters were floating in the pool outside of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

     These little cuties are the creation of my husband and myself. They win the prize! ;)

     These horses were made of sticks. I think this was one of my favorites.

     Hudson is listening to his Uncle Ethan's musical entry. Ethan is in a band called "The Mines" and they are amazing! Check out their website here.

     This is my little guy who is allergic to the cold. {He breaks out in hives if he gets too cold}.

     Listening to The Mines.

     This guy was suspended between two large buildings.

     Golden Einstein.

     This Cobra would move up and down.

     The pokey balls! Hudson's favorite!

     This neat swing set was attached to the drums so as you would swing it would make music.

         This golden dragon was made of golden buttons that were suspended on fishing line. It was really cool because it would move and sway.

     So if you are ever in Michigan during the end of September/beginning of October, come to Grand Rapids and check out Art Prize! You will be so impressed with the amount of talent out there in the world.

I'm sharing this here:
Tatertots and jello
Between naps on the porch

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  1. These are amazing - have never seen so many really creative things in one place! Loved the swing that made music; the kids must have thought this a masterpiece of it's own. Just WOW!


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