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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st Day of School

     Yesterday was the first day of school for us here in Michigan and I'm sure you are all saying it too, but, I can't believe how fast the summer flew!!!  This was the first summer that the kids were not in daycare. I work two days a week as a social worker. We had a few girls who took turns watching them at home. They loved this because they could then play with all their neighbor friends. I am sure that school will be a rude awakening for them as they adjust to all of the rules and structure!

     The first day was not without a few tears {from one child in particular~and it wasn't the youngest....or the second youngest either :( }

     Here are my cuties!

     OK, so I had to throw that last one in there! The kids wanted to take my pic too!

     Today is one of my days "off" so the little guy and I will be running errands and adjusting to 3 kids in school all day! It will be so rough! ;)

     Enjoy your day!!!

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