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Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School Prep Begins!

     I think its the planner in me that gets totally hyped up this time of year! Here in Michigan we have one more month of summer and while I want to savor these days with my kids I am totally into getting everyone ready to go back! My very first official blog post was on back to school organization. This post was more about where we put back packs, school papers and shoes. You can check it out here. {Be kind though and remember this was my first post! ;)}

     I'm all about a good deal so I have been taking my time over the past few weeks buying each weeks hot deal so as to leave a smaller dent in my wallet. I have my four kids to buy for plus three more we wanted to help. Look at the stash so far:

     I didn't intend for this to be the day that I started by back-to-school organization around here but after a weekend in Boston {at my beautiful cousins wedding} there's nothing like organizing to help you feel on top of things again! Its almost lunch time and I'm still in my jammies because I don't want to take a precious minute away from this process! ;) {I'm a dork, I know!}

     So today has been all about cleaning out last years back packs, washing them, organizing supplies and doing a bit of baking. As I'm learning more and more about the unhealthiness of processed foods my goal is to use as little of them as possible when preparing kids lunches this fall. Because I also work part time out of the home this is no easy task. This summer whenever I've made cookies or brownies I try to make a double batch and wrap up and freeze some for school this fall. Today Hudson is helping me make m&m bars. Yummy! These I will wrap in plastic wrap individually and throw in the top freezer drawer so that come lunch prep time I can just throw one  in each lunch. Here are a couple of other lunch ideas I came across that you might find helpful as well. These sites have tons more great lunch ideas.

Another Lunch

Easy Lunch Boxes


     I mentioned earlier that I am washing back packs today. Look how dirty McKinley's back pack got this past year. Its still a great pack and I want her to use it again this year but I definitely needs a makeover!

Here are some simple tips when washing your back packs:

1)  First check the tags for any instructions. Mine said they could be gently washed. I sprayed spots with Shout.
2)  Inside out the packs so that their straps won't get caught in the washer, then wash them with a little detergent on the delicate cycle. When they came out mine weren't as clean as I had hoped so using a little more shout and a scrubby sponge I hand washed them some more until the spots were gone!
3) Hang them to dry. Make sure you don't put them in the dryer! Its a beautiful day here so out on the deck they go!

AAAaahhhhhh! Much better! I hope that some of these ideas are helpful for you as you get ready to launch your precious cargo back into the world! {Wow that makes it sound so scary!}

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  1. Great tips on freezing individual treats for school lunches. Stopping by from the blog hop. New follower your welcome to visit anytime.

  2. Oh My!Great tips that every mom needs to know. I hope you will link up tomorrow to The CSI Project starting tomorrow. The challenge is Back to School Projects. You just might win. Each week is a new challenge with 3 tutorials, giveaway and a fun guest judge.
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