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Monday, July 16, 2012

Success or Failure? Hutch part II

     So we pretty much got the hutch done, and I'm not feelin  it! The plan {here} was to paint it the same white as our kitchen cabinets to freshen it up and add a pop of color to the back. Well, it pops all right and it just doesn't do it for me in my space. Don't you hate when that happens?

Here's where we were:

 And here's our current state:

 Its not quite done yet. We still have the second coat of white on the bottom to do. Normally I would wait until a project was done to show you the after, but I'm having a crisis! {At this point I am feeling quite guilty about the fact that there are serious crises in the world and the wrong color shelves ranks pretty near the bottom.}

     The reason I don't really like this is that its just not blending well with the rest of my living room.

Anyway, we had friends over Saturday night and one of them suggested that I paint it navy. Well, we don't have navy anywhere on the main level but I love this color. So I went to pinterest and put in navy and teal. Check out these beauties:

 I even like it in an outfit:

     So now I'm thinking of totally changing my color direction. I'd love to bring in the navy, but I also have a lot of brown in my space too. 

     What do you think?

I'm sharing this project here:

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