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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Olympic Center Piece

     The Olympics start this Friday and I can hardly wait! I'm no major sports fan but there is something about these games that totally draw me in! These are the only sporting events that I will watch right along side my hubby and even the kids get sucked in.

      We have some good friends that are just as crazy about the games as we are and they are coming over to watch the opening ceremonies with us. I wanted to do something festive for the occasion {of course} and came up with a simple runner and center piece. This is a super simple project to do even if you don't consider yourself to be very crafty.

     This is a two part project, the arrangement and the runner. Lets start with the arrangement. Here's what you'll need:

     I printed the flags from a website You can choose any country but I picked the British flag since they are hosting the games, and of course the good ole U.S.A. I glued the flags onto bamboo skewers that I bought for only $1.49 at my local grocery store.

     I filled my jar with sand from the back yard and stuck my flags in!

     For the runner I took a piece of canvas like fabric from my stash and cut it to size. If it needs ironing do it before you add the paint. As a disclaimer, this runner will not stand the test of time. I am sure that washing it might wash it out. But since this is just for this one occasion and we won't be eating on it I'm OK with the non-permanence of it.  I used whatever craft paint I had on hand and cut down a paper towel tube for my rings, then I went to town, with a little help from Brady.

     And now I'm ready for a party! Well I should probably make some food and wait till Friday........details shmetails! 


  1. Jody, what a cute table. Enjoy the games. Dawna

  2. Cool centerpiece and table decor! Thumbs up for the olympia and you!


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