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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My First Give-away!

    Are you surviving this crazy heat??? My poor air conditioner is having a hard time keeping up! I am so thankful that we have it! My heart goes out to those who don't right now! We got our energy bill today and it is the highest one we've ever had!

     It is so hard to get motivated to do any projects in heat like this, so that makes for a great time for a give-away! I was contacted by a Danish company who makes these beautiful porcelain enamal signs. You know I love sign making {check out sign-making 101}.

     The company is called Ramsign and they specialize in classic house number signs in several designs. Check these out:

     Go on over and check out their facebook page and while you're at it go ahead and 'like' them!

     If you would like to win one of their house number signs (up to 5 numbers in any color or style) leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite! Its that simple. I will contact you by email on Monday July 23rd to let you know if you've won and they will mail you the sign free of charge!

     So how's that for a summer treat! I was at the Doctors office this morning and saw a little blurb about them in an April Good Housekeeping Magazine! How cool is that!



  1. I like the 3rd or 4th ones. They are super cute:).

  2. i like the fourth one!

  3. Jody you are so kind and creative. I like the first for its simplicity. Enjoy the warm summer with your children
    Karen Grzegorski

  4. I Like the 3rd one (the round one) but they are all fun.

  5. Christine Vande GuchteJuly 18, 2012 at 7:18 PM

    I like the 4th sign. They are cute...our house numbers don't even show up right now!

  6. I like the last one. PS I love reading your web page for ideas.

  7. Hooray for clearly marked house numbers! (as a floral delivery person, I've discovered that there are way too many houses with hard-to-read numbers or no numbers at all)
    I like the last one.

  8. I like 3rd one! How cool is this?!

  9. I like the 4th one! How cool ;)

    1. Actually I like the 5th one better!

  10. Hello!
    I can't decide between the 3rd and 4th!! What a refresher one of these would be to the outside of our home!
    Thank you!
    Kristi Ripley

  11. I like the Walnut Hill road sign the best!

  12. I like the highlander signs.
    Cherry McLemore

  13. I like the 5th one! They are all very nice! How cool is that, your first giveaway!!! :)
    Suzette Foll

  14. I too like the Walnut Hill road sign (so much for liking the least expensive) but I also like the Engelhart one on their website.


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