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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Color Inspiration: Teal

     This is my color right now, but right away I want to say that this color can take many forms {lights, darks, bluish or greenish}. This color brings me to a fresh version of outdoors. It conjures up images of ocean colors that feel beachy.

     Let me just add right here that this is my 100th post as a blogger. I still feel like the new kid on the block in many ways but this has been such a fun and creative journey for me. 

Now, lets get back to teal. Let me show you why I like this color.


     This is a light and airy version of teal. Some might call this mint or light aqua but I call it dreamy! I love how the dark legs of the chairs, darker settee and wooden frames help to balance the lightness of the teal.


     This beautiful wall on the right is a great example of a dominant color playing the role of a neutral.  You don't really see teal accents in the photo but you do see lots of neutrals layered on top of the bright color. This is a great way to get huge impact with out a big commitment. Keep your basic pieces neutral then use a bright color on the wall to breath life into a space.

Here's another room that used that technique:



     This picture was my inspiration for my hutch redo. Here the color is used as the backdrop on the bookshelves. Here's my slightly brighter version of this:

I wasn't sure if I liked this color here initially but now I love it!


     I love this kitchen! Again, all the major players are neutrals but the color adds a lot of life! It kind of reminds me of my kitchen:

 Can you see why I love this color!??!    Here's another great kitchen where just the island was painted this lovely shade.


     Are you ready to get that can of paint out already? 

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