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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TV Nook Update

     Last fall I updated our master bedroom by stenciling the large wall behind our bed. We loved how it turned out and it had always been my intention to do the same thing in the small TV nook as well, but after this job took me 10 hours I was in no real hurry to do the TV nook. Go figure! ;)

Now here's the non-interesting TV nook. It needs a little decor love! ;) So lets see what we can do!

     Using a stencil and the technique I showed you here, I stenciled just the back wall and spruced things up a bit. Here's how it turned out!

          OK so don't mind the ugly blue carpeting, that's on the list of redo's but it won't happen anytime soon! Adding the ironwork on the wall down below helps tie that whole wall in together and adds more texture. 

          This was a very easy project that only took about an hour, and with the Olympics on while I worked, the time flew! {With only minor interruptions for band-aids, snacks, and juice......for the kids!} :)

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Color Inspiration: Teal

     This is my color right now, but right away I want to say that this color can take many forms {lights, darks, bluish or greenish}. This color brings me to a fresh version of outdoors. It conjures up images of ocean colors that feel beachy.

     Let me just add right here that this is my 100th post as a blogger. I still feel like the new kid on the block in many ways but this has been such a fun and creative journey for me. 

Now, lets get back to teal. Let me show you why I like this color.


     This is a light and airy version of teal. Some might call this mint or light aqua but I call it dreamy! I love how the dark legs of the chairs, darker settee and wooden frames help to balance the lightness of the teal.


     This beautiful wall on the right is a great example of a dominant color playing the role of a neutral.  You don't really see teal accents in the photo but you do see lots of neutrals layered on top of the bright color. This is a great way to get huge impact with out a big commitment. Keep your basic pieces neutral then use a bright color on the wall to breath life into a space.

Here's another room that used that technique:



     This picture was my inspiration for my hutch redo. Here the color is used as the backdrop on the bookshelves. Here's my slightly brighter version of this:

I wasn't sure if I liked this color here initially but now I love it!


     I love this kitchen! Again, all the major players are neutrals but the color adds a lot of life! It kind of reminds me of my kitchen:

 Can you see why I love this color!??!    Here's another great kitchen where just the island was painted this lovely shade.


     Are you ready to get that can of paint out already? 

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Olympic Center Piece

     The Olympics start this Friday and I can hardly wait! I'm no major sports fan but there is something about these games that totally draw me in! These are the only sporting events that I will watch right along side my hubby and even the kids get sucked in.

      We have some good friends that are just as crazy about the games as we are and they are coming over to watch the opening ceremonies with us. I wanted to do something festive for the occasion {of course} and came up with a simple runner and center piece. This is a super simple project to do even if you don't consider yourself to be very crafty.

     This is a two part project, the arrangement and the runner. Lets start with the arrangement. Here's what you'll need:

     I printed the flags from a website You can choose any country but I picked the British flag since they are hosting the games, and of course the good ole U.S.A. I glued the flags onto bamboo skewers that I bought for only $1.49 at my local grocery store.

     I filled my jar with sand from the back yard and stuck my flags in!

     For the runner I took a piece of canvas like fabric from my stash and cut it to size. If it needs ironing do it before you add the paint. As a disclaimer, this runner will not stand the test of time. I am sure that washing it might wash it out. But since this is just for this one occasion and we won't be eating on it I'm OK with the non-permanence of it.  I used whatever craft paint I had on hand and cut down a paper towel tube for my rings, then I went to town, with a little help from Brady.

     And now I'm ready for a party! Well I should probably make some food and wait till Friday........details shmetails! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ding Dong Digit

     Did you ever play that game as a kid? Of course you didn't! ;)

     It seemed an appropriate title for today's topic which is updating your front door with digits, and sprucing up that doorbell. {Do you get it? Ding-dong digit?} I know, its corny! Consider this your dish of corn for the day! Lets move on!

     I've been loving all of those brightly colored front doors with the numbers painted them all over pinterest and decided to do this to my own. But, you know how one project always leads to another? Yes, that happened here! While I was working on project #1 I spied project #2 right next to it! The ugly builder grade plain boring doorbell that had yellowed with time.

     Let's start with project #1. Here's the before:

     And here's the after:

     To do the numbers on the door I followed the technique I showed you here.

     Initially I filled in the outline for my numbers with a paint pen but this didn't turn out very well. So I went over it with craft paint and a small brush and like the outcome much better. My font size for the No.  was 120 and the font size for the numbers was 250.

     On to project #2. I am sure that it is only a few dollars to upgrade your doorbell, but doing so involves a trip to Lowes with 4 kids and some basic wiring skills. I'm sure I could handle both but why? I hate how this old thing yellowed over time and it just looks dirty. After cleaning it up and taping around it {I honestly thought that when I unscrewed it the little cover would pop right off, like a light switch and I could just cover Mr. Ugly with some spray paint. Apparently they are all one piece}. Plan B involved taping it off first and using regular paint. I decided to do the button with silver rub 'n buff {which I used for my kitchen hinges}. Its on an angle because its attached with the wiring in the back.

After finishing the button I carefully painted the cover around it using some leftover household paint. It went on a little thick but turned out so much better than the original.

If you don't want to paint your own house numbers, there is still time to enter my give-away. Check out it out here! 

     If you want to make a wreath like the one on my door, check out this tutorial here. 

     Its amazing how just making a few minor changes {like even just washing the windows in the front door!} can spruce things up and make a big difference!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My First Give-away!

    Are you surviving this crazy heat??? My poor air conditioner is having a hard time keeping up! I am so thankful that we have it! My heart goes out to those who don't right now! We got our energy bill today and it is the highest one we've ever had!

     It is so hard to get motivated to do any projects in heat like this, so that makes for a great time for a give-away! I was contacted by a Danish company who makes these beautiful porcelain enamal signs. You know I love sign making {check out sign-making 101}.

     The company is called Ramsign and they specialize in classic house number signs in several designs. Check these out:

     Go on over and check out their facebook page and while you're at it go ahead and 'like' them!

     If you would like to win one of their house number signs (up to 5 numbers in any color or style) leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite! Its that simple. I will contact you by email on Monday July 23rd to let you know if you've won and they will mail you the sign free of charge!

     So how's that for a summer treat! I was at the Doctors office this morning and saw a little blurb about them in an April Good Housekeeping Magazine! How cool is that!


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