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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Chores and Fun

     Here in Michigan, we have 3 more days of school left. That's three days to get ready for all the fun, chaos and adventure! You all know I like to be prepared, and this is a major change in schedule worth preparing for! Check out this post here to see why have a schedule for summer is helpful! Here's another post too with lots of fun things to do for the summer. I ended up writing out these ideas on slips of paper and putting them in two jars: one for inside things to do and one for outside things. I made plenty of extra slips of paper so we could add to the jars as we come up with new things to do.


     Moving right along, today I want to share with you our summer chore plan. I've done everything over the years from online charts to big paper charts but this year I had to change things up. I mentioned before that I work two days a week out of the house and this summer we will have a nanny with the kids on those days. I needed to come up with a plan that laid out my expectations without having to write them out every day. So this year I wrote out job cards. Each card lists the job and the expectations with that job. That way whether I'm home or not, the kids know whats expected.

     Everyday they will be expected to:

  • Get dressed
  • Make their bed
  • Brush their teeth
  • Do 2-3 chore cards

     Time for this has been laid out in our daily schedule. If they don't do what is on the card on the days that I'm at work then the next day they get an extra card.

     I put each of the kids names on clips on the side of the fridge and before I leave for work I will choose what jobs I want them to do for that day. These clips were freebies from a convention I went to but you could use any kind of magnetized clip or glue a magnet to a clothes pin.

     The labels that I used for the summer fun jar and these clips are mason jar labels that you can find at

     How do you prepare for summer? Its coming whether we're ready or not. You may not all need such a detailed plan, but I tell you what, we are all happier at this house when we know whats coming and whats expected!

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I'm sharing this idea here:

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  1. Cute way to make chores almost FUN! Visiting from TT&J!


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