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Monday, April 30, 2012

Seeking Inspiration

     Life has been a tad stressful lately. Lots going on! For the first time I have been struggling to put a creative post together! I am currently out of stock of creative juice!

     So what's a girl to do when her creativity has taken a vacation and left you behind? I'm thinkin' a little Pinterest time! This is my dream big post. What I might do if money, time and lack of talent were no object. Here are some of my fave pins. I hope that they inspire you too!

     Wouldn't you love to have a space like this! {sorry for the fuzzy pic!} And that swing looks amazing!

     I love all of the details in this kitchen especially the ceiling! 

     I love this headboard! Currently I am not brave enough to make my own. If I were brave enough I would make it out of drop cloth fabric, plywood, batting, and some nail head trim. In my head it looks amazing and is just what my bedroom needs! Our current bed is squeaky and is too matchy~match with the dressers. Please don't misunderstand, I am not complaining. Remember this is the dream post! Here's the current bed:

With its matchy~match dressers:  {yes, its an old pic}

      This entry way project that Shelly did is amazing. You have to check out the before's on her blog! I would love to do something similar to my front closet because we have this unintelligent configuration of three doors opening into one small space. {Front door, garage door, and closet door}  Eliminating the closet door would minimize the congestion in this area.

    I have had the bathroom project on my list of to-do's. It needs a fresh coat of paint, and I'm thinking gray this time. I would love to do something like this on the ceiling or maybe stripes!:


This is about all of the inspiration I can handle. You have to find that balance between just enough and too much that its overwhelming! I hope this helps! If not, maybe the promised sunshine and warmer temperatures later this week will!

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