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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Family Emergency Preparedness

     I was on Pinterest the other day and came across several pins that got me thinking. One was a link to a blog that was all about being a self-sustaining family. While I have no desire to start up a farm, this girl had a series running all about being prepared in case of an emergency. She lives in a state where tornadoes are frequent. Besides having a rain barrel, cases of water and all the items necessary to live off the land for a period of time she had a book all ready with their family's important documents that could be grabbed at a moments notice.

     There was a house fire in our development a couple of months ago and this too got me to thinking about what I would grab {besides my kiddos & husband} if time was of the essence and our belongings were in jeopardy. All of our important documents are in several places around the house and I would need like 30 minutes to get them all together. Not good!

     This summer when the kids are out of school instead of putting them in daycare, for the first time I'm hiring a girl from church to come here to watch them. I know I want to have a bunch of info ready for her if something were to happen as well.

     With all of this as motivation I put together a family emergency book. {And what slightly OCD organizer wouldn't have fun with this project?!}

     Here's what I included:

  •           An emergency contact list with our address and home number, our cell numbers, the pediatrician, neighbors, both our parents, our work numbers, and poison control.

  •           A list of each family members allergies, including who has an epi-pen and what for.
  •           Birth Certificates
  •           Marriage License
  •           Social Security Cards
  •           Vehicle Titles
  •           Copies of Drivers Licenses
  •           College Diploma's
  •           I may also include phone numbers for credit card companies, banks, and investments in case cards are stolen, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

     On the blog I referenced above, the girl also had up to date pictures of her kids and had fingerprinted them to save time in case of an abduction. I haven't done that, I'm not sure I will.....I have to think on that one.
     I will say that it makes me a tad nervous to have all of these important documents in one place, I mean what if something happened to it! My plan is to keep it in a cupboard near the phone where family members and a trusted babysitter know where it is. The only time it should go out of the house is for an emergency, which is the purpose of it anyways.

      While my faith lies firmly in the hands of a sovereign God, I know that I have to do my part to be prepared if something should happen but not go overboard. Faith and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

       So how has your family prepared for emergencies?

I'm sharing this here: At the Picket Fence
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  1. I am compiling a book like this now, with the added precaution of scanning in all the documents and photos and putting them on a USB drive to leave in the fireproof box at my parent's home. That way if we get wiped by a tornado, we have a set of records and numbers at a safe alternate location. We can then get replacements, cancel cards, ect.

  2. What a GREAT idea!
    Thanks for sharing!!.,


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