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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Command Central

     I made an update to the hub of my main floor this past weekend. I'm not a techno girl but took a huge leap this year and and used the calendar option on my iPad for our main family calendar. It's worked out pretty well except that only I know then what we have going on. I was in Hobby Lobby looking for something completely different (isn't this the way it always is?) when I came across this framed marker board/calendar, and a light bulb went off in my brain. Why not have the best of both worlds!

 Now I can use the Pad for my long range calendar but have a calendar out for the whole fam to see and know what we're up to. I found this for $15.99 but it was on sale for 30% off. To add a bit of color to my space I sanded the edges of the frame and painted it the same color as my garage door.

      Apparently I didn't sand it well enough and without even trying I got a distressed finish, where the paint didn't adhere well in a few places. Oh well.....I'm mean, I meant to do that! ;) We used the eyeball method to hang it, and 14 holes later I think we have it!

      My "office" is on the corner of my kitchen which makes it really convenient to quick send an email, check a date on the calendar, or surf the web while I make dinner or help kids with homework.

     The flowers help to "hide" the cords. I showed you how to make the bulletin board here and this has become quite the pinterest sensation!

      So has everybody out there gone totally digital or are there a few of you out there that still kick it old school? What tricks have you found to keep your family organized and on the same page?

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  1. I love this! I almost bought that calendar yesterday while at Hobby Lobby! :) But I don't have a good wall spot to hang it, so I'm still brainstorming on that one! I love the idea of painting the frame though!

  2. I have the same calendar in my kitchen! I like it except for 2 things... you can't flip back a month and see when "whatever" happened. I don't like for the past to be completely lost to me, so at the end of the month I take a picture of the finished calendar (do I ever go back and look at those pictures? No, but I console myself with the thought that I could if I wanted to). And then I'm not crazy about the fact that I can't write anything for upcoming months (but I do have a matching whiteboard/corkboard combo that I can write those things on). But otherwise I like it. Love the color you painted your frame!

    1. That's why I still use my iPad for long range planning, and I can still go back. Thanks!

  3. I love this calendar!!!!!! Hmmm.... I might have to invest! :)

  4. Such an organized spot! I love the aqua color. We're still doing it old-school for the family calendar but my hubby definitely prefers Google Calendar. I like having it written down somewhere though. :)

  5. Old school! I'll put something on my list just so I can mark it off. Type A personality all the way! My main calendar is the pantry door turned chalkboard. Works perfectly, and is in the central hub area where everyone can see it, and have no excuses for not seeing it! The pop of blue is lovely in your kitchen! I'm a-linkin' up with the fun Linky tool - you're welcome to stop over my way too when you have a moment!

  6. Hi Jody,
    Love your organizational calendar. I like that everyone in the family can check and see what's going on.
    Mary Alice

  7. Hi Jody, really like your idea and the humor you have. I really liked the verse I saw on your board. Blessings

  8. What a great little hub! I love how you painted the calendar that fun blue. It's a perfect pop of color in that corner!

  9. YOu're so organized! I love that pop of blue on your calendar! XO, Aimee

  10. Stunning, love the color! You have a lovely blog. I am visiting you via Tuesday Treasures. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  11. I had the same issue with using the calendar on my computer...needed the family to know what was going on too. I love that you framed the calendar...makes it more like art. I'll have to copy that. Thanks for inspiring.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class


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