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Monday, March 26, 2012

When the bomb goes off

          Have you ever had one of those weeks when it feels like, or better yet, looks like a bomb went off in your house? This past week was one of those weeks for us. I work part time out of the home as a social worker in a long term care facility. Once a year the state comes in for their annual survey to check everything you did for the past year and try to find all your flaws. Its a stressful week that means working lots of extra hours. The day they came in, my husbands truck choked and totally died. Then as he was picking up the kids for me the check engine light came on in my van. Really??? Any extra time we had last week was spent shopping for a new vehicle, and getting my van fixed. So where does this leave the house? In a state of chaos and mayhem!

          I don't know about you, but I like a clean house! When my house is messy, I'm grumpy, my brain doesn't function well, and I go into survival mode. How about you? How do you handle things when the bomb goes off. Where do you start?

          Here are my priorities when life throws you a curve and the house takes the hit:

1}     Keep up with the dishes! Its amazing how much mess I can handle when at least the dishes are
         loaded  up in the dishwasher and the counters are wiped clean.

2}      Just cycle the laundry through. Keep running the washer and the dryer so that at least you have clean clothes. I often have 4-5 clean loads waiting in baskets outside my dryer until life slows a little and I can bring them up to fold. I know this isn't ideal and we may be a little bit wrinkle-y but my daughter doesn't have to wear her brothers underwear and this I can live with!

3}     Keep meals simple! I have a list of super easy dinners made with ingredients I always have on hand like spaghetti, or sloppy joes. This way I don't even have to think about it. If you are one of those that make meals ahead of time this is a great opportunity to use one of them. {I'm not that kind, I wish I were though, it would have come in handy!}

4}     Get everybody involved! There's nothing like a trial in your life to bring everyone together and motivate them to pitch in and help! When the kids see mom and dad stressed and busy, it helps them to help you! Now it may require a bit of a sales pitch like, "we are all apart of the _______ family, and because we love eachother and life is a little crazy right now, we need your help, lets do it together!" Spend 10 minutes together at the end of the day, or when you all first get home to do a quick pick up! I showed you a few months ago how to motivate your kids to pick up after themselves. A trial can help get you back on track!

     I am happy to say that God is faithful! The state is gone {for now}, we bought a new vehicle, and order has been restored! This is by no means an exhaustive list, keep it simple! I hope this helps!


  1. Thank you Jodi. Amazing words of wisdom!! And I absolutely adore this photo of you, Jeff and the kids. You are precious.... so glad to have you in our lives!

    1. Thank you Shannon! I miss your cheery self! We need a girls night out soon!

  2. Aw I work in long term care as well. This is our first year with the QIS survey. A little nervous but we'll see how it goes. We expect them next month. Great post! I have to restock my pantry with throw together dinners in lieu of what you went through!!! Have a great week!


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