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Monday, March 12, 2012

Gallery Wall Update

      A long time ago {well it was probably only 6 months ago}, I showed you the start of my gallery wall. It was a dinky little gallery wall, but it had room for growth. That's what is so great about a gallery wall, it can grow! And you can include things other than just picture frames. I finally got it completed.

     Its a hard wall to photograph because its just a short little stairway wall. We live in a tri-level so there are only 7 steps up.

     To incorporate a piece of 'original' wall art, I gave my son paints in the colors that I knew would go with my decor and let him go at it.

     To help the color flow of my grouping, I cut out mine and my husbands initials and glued them onto scrapbook paper that matched.

     Years ago I found these pruning sheers at an antique store and I love the details on them. I tied them shut with raffia and hung them by the raffia onto a nail.

     I had a little bundle of sticks that got put on top of this frame. It wasn't my intention initially that they stay but I love the texture they provide.

     Adding more scrapbook paper again helps with the color flow.

     Have you tried a gallery wall yet? They are super easy, and there are so many inspirational ideas out there!


  1. Hey Jod - how did you do the spacing? Measure or eye-ball method?

    1. I'm an eye baller! Sorry I'm sure that's not much help!

  2. Love all your frames...where did you get them.

    1. Thank you! Most of these are from Hobby Lobby.


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