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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Little Bit of Spring! {Shelf styling basics}

          First, I have to confess that this is the longest I've gone without posting! Once I got over the guilt of it all I was fine. We had such a busy week, plus illnesses that my creative juices just weren't flowing. In spite of the crazy week, I was able to go to IKEA and HomeGoods {about 2 & 1/2 hours away} on Saturday with a good friend of mine. Let me tell you, I NEEDED this trip! I had NEVER been to a HomeGoods before and was practically giddy by the time we arrived! So much great stuff!!! My sweet hubby gave me some extra money for my birthday just for the trip and boy did I have fun!

          So, now that I'm back in the saddle again, {and with some new great accessories in hand} I decided to spruce up my hutch cabinet. Let me show you the hot mess that is the before:

      Once I cleared the shelves, I decided to take some notes as I went along on how style shelves. I'm sure that there are many great techniques out there but here's how I do it:

1)     Start with a blank canvas. Too many times before I will try to update my look by just moving a few things around. For me this doesn't work because things just gravitate back to where they began. By starting fresh {its easier to dust} you have a new perspective and room to move things about a bit.

 2)     Balance is Key! Achieve balance through the height of your objects and the colors you use. My main color choices were white, variations of teal and brown. These colors are evenly dispersed throughout my display. And although the height of my objects vary, the placement of them provides the balance.

 3)     Add texture! You know I'm a big fan of texture. Texture is key to creating that homey home. In this display, texture comes from the baskets, the bundled sticks on top of the books, the wooden scrabble letters in the jar, my little Goodwill lettuce plate, even the twine around the glass jar with the candle. Texture is more subtly evident in the contrast of textures from the smooth class vase to the bumpy design on the canisters.

 4) Add Layers! Adding layers is as simple as putting a larger item behind a smaller one.

     OK, so now I have to show you some of my shopping trip finds!  I'm loving these little egg cups I found at HomeGoods. Seriously, who actually uses egg cups for eggs? But aren't they cute? And with a little boost from some tissue, they work great for some small candles.

     This is my fave find from IKEA:

     My husband is sure thankful that these stores aren't local! ;) I got quite a few things more but it never ceases to amaze me that after filling my cart {and expecting that I totally blew my budget} I found that I was quite a bit under budget! I love a great deal!!!

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