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Sunday, January 22, 2012

We're almost there! {a kitchen project update}

       Aaah! It's actually coming together!  I may just have a done kitchen yet!  We still have the top coat of paint to go and a few last projects to complete, but my friends sanity has made its return! We have been working on this project since September and with a little motivation from fellow bloggers we are trying to complete this baby by the end of the month. Seriously, that's just one week away!

the space between

 Today I want to just show you a peek of where we are and a project I included but let me remind you of where we were:

And here's the peek for today:

     I LOVE how changing the color of the cabinets immediately makes the whole space feel bigger, fresher and cleaner! Ok, clean for now, I'm sure that I will have to do a lot more washing of the cabinets then I ever used too, but my dears, Oh so worth it!!!!

     My struggle with the high ceilings is how to decorate above the cabinets. I have this picket fence you see in the pic above but it is very cottage-y and country. I wanted to freshen it up a bit and make it a little more modern.

     Its actually a fireplace screen although we never used it as that {I put it here for the sake of a pic - you get the idea!}. Chevron is all the rage right now so I'm jumping on board! Here's what I did:

1)     First, I measured the height of what I wanted my chevron to be and used a pencil to draw the two horizontal lines.

2)     The width was determined by two slats of the pickets. I'm not sure if that makes sense but its what worked for me! Then I added the paint!

And that my friends is all the peek you will get.......for now!

So, if I don't return your calls, seem a little harried, or my children come begging to you for food, show mercy and know that it will all be done in a week! Yippee!

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