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Friday, January 13, 2012

Recycled Storage

     So who isn't inspired by Pinterest now days? You can't spend half a minute on their page without ideas flooding your brain! I love it! Recently I saw a storage idea for soup cans using magazine holders. It got me thinking. I'm a big couponer (not extreme!) and i love creative solutions for storing the great deals I score.
     Part of successfully stock piling groceries is organizing them so that you use them before they expire. Hence the project!

     I took some empty pop (soda- if you don't live in Michigan) boxes and covered them with contact paper I had leftover from my kitchen project. Using my beloved chalkboard paint I painted some .25 cent wooden shapes I found at Hobby Lobby and glued them to the front of the boxes.

This pic is courtesy of my 6 year old!

Here's how they turned out!

     Now, when I get done with my shopping I load the boxes with my cans but always take them out from the bottom, so that my recent purchases come out last.

     Pop boxes are the perfect size for soup cans or small tomato cans. Now if only I could find a good rotation system for those cereal boxes!

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  1. I am hung up on the four unopened packages of M&M's! If they were in my house, they would be either opened or GONE! :-)

  2. Go Jody .. Your cupboards look AWESOME! I like the recycled storage idea. You are so organized girl!

  3. I TOTALLY thought the same thing as Sue about the M&M's! But seriously, you are brilliant. Love all your crafty work. :-)

  4. Hi-just wanted you to know I spotlighted your pottery barn pillow today on my blog-better late than never-I adore it!

  5. I love pinterest too-so much inspiration, and some funny things on there too =) Great organization idea you got from it!

  6. Sometimes wonderful ideas come from the oddest places don't they. I hope you will take the time to view this as it is simple and idea forming. has an easy to follow simple idea on a rotating storage system using recycled cardboard. I know you can make it really beautiful, it is a gift you have. A rotating system once established saves a great deal of time, and waste as the newer stuff is put to the back of the system. You have a lovely blog. God Bless.

    (warning: the video does contain swearing and is created by an "urban survivalist", but is still well worth the time to view as it is simply brilliant in design.)


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