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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Craft Storage

     If you are into crafts like I am I'm sure you have struggled with the dilemma of where to store all of your stuff! My hubby has been gracious with me by putting up with my craft items squirrelled away here and there, a few things even making it into his tool box. There are a ton of great storage options all over pinterest and the internet that are beautiful and stylish so before I show you what I came up with enjoy some of this eye candy!

Better Homes & Gardens
     These are gorgeous ideas! And I would love to have spaces like these.....but I don't! I do however, have a craft box. Now this is not any ordinary craft box, this is an heirloom that I forgot all about, until today!

     As I was lamenting my crafting storage problem I remembered a box I was once given that was somewhere buried in the bowels of the basement. After pulling apart our storage area and borrowing a little heft from my hubby, I found it! Now it needed a bit of cleaning but it is perfect, and it matches my current color scheme in my living room!

Once it was cleaned inside and out I lined a few of the drawers with some leftover scrapbooking paper and then loaded it up.

     As a bonus it works great as a little side table in the living room. Now it certainly does not fit all of my crafting supplies but it acts as my "tool box" of sorts with room for all of the basics for any project.

     So where do you store your crafts? Do you have any space saving storage ideas? I would love for you to share! Happy Crafting!


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