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Monday, January 9, 2012

Kitchen Challenge

     A challenge has been set forth! Karah at thespacebetweenblog has issued a challenge to create a project that causes you to imagine the impossibilities, essentially conquering an impossible for you project.

the space between

     For me it is the redo of our kitchen. We started this project in September. We're only about half done. Here's where we started:

Along the way I've shown you some of the progress we've made and projects we've included.

Here's the one completed cabinet
Here's the completed message center that I blogged about here:

     I also updated my dining area curtains to add a little interest.

      We've made some progress but there is still:

  • The lower cabinets to be sanded, primed and painted
  • New window treatment to be hung
  • Hardware added
  • Redesign of the above cabinet space
     We only have weekends to accomplish all of this and already we are planning to be away this next weekend helping out at our church camp.  So you can see this is a big challenge! (I haven't told my hubby yet)
I'm not making any promises that this will be done by the project deadline {January 31} but Lord willing we will have a new kitchen yet! Thanks for the challenge!

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