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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chalkboard in the Pantry

     I'm sure you've seen some of the images on Pinterest of creative places for chalkboards, in fact I did a post about some of the places I've used chalkboard paint around my home here. As we continue to make s-l-o-w but sure progress on the kitchen, I once again used this beloved paint here too.

     The top is great for my use and the bottom is perfect for little ones to color on while mom is cooking.

     This is also a great idea for the baking cupboard too where I can keep my basic frosting recipe that I use a little too often  :) and measurement conversions. I had thought I would put my chocolate chip recipe there too but I ran out of space! {Good thing I have more cupboards!}

     For the chalkboard projects I referenced earlier I used spray paint. This was my first time using the latex version in a can. Its really nice and thick and great to work with. For these chalkboards I used 3 coats although two would have done the job. It dries really quickly so I was able to do each coat after about 30 minutes.

     Where are some of the places you've used chalkboard paint?

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