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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Boys Room Reveal! Aka 'make the most of what you've got'!

     Last Spring we planned on putting our house on the market, but circumstances in the real estate market being what they are, it wasn't in our best interest financially to move. This has been a wonderful lesson in contentment for our family and has sharpened our faith in what God's best is for us.

     Along the way we decided to make some changes to our home that would have minimal financial impact but maximize the space we already have. The first thing we chose to do was to turn our lower level family/playroom into a fourth bedroom. We have a tri-level so on that lower level is also our third bedroom and a bathroom. Making the family room into another boys room allows all three of our boys to have their own suite. It was as simple as adding a door at the bottom of the steps. Here's how it started out.

     We really liked the gray walls which act as a great neutral so keeping them the same saved us money. Here is the result!

Check out the chalkboard project here

Their gallery wall was created with guitar strings and mini clothes pins

     Our only out-of-pocket expenses were purchasing dressers and the curtain panels to help create a closet area. (these were all purchased from Ikea) The boys call their closet area/reading nook their "workshop" which I love! Brady is 7 and Hudson is 3 and sharing this room has been so good for their relationship. They each have their own areas and special things we included just for them.

     Losing our family room forced us to clean out the basement and make family space down there. We are so thrilled with this project and wish we'd done it sooner!

     When we accept what we have and work with what we've been given we discover things that were right under our nose all along!

     If you would like some help putting your bedrooms together, check out bedroom world website. Here's a link They have a lot of great bedroom options!

     What hidden space has been right in front of you all along?

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  1. what a fun room for your boys

    i'm sure they love it
    especially the curtained off nook

    thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  2. What a wonderful room now! Love those flag curtains...great project!

  3. Thanks for the tip. Currently I have my 7 and 3 yr. old sharing and their room is soooooo boring. I blame it on previous house owners and the fact that when we did move in we had no time for renos. They share a room and it's sooooo boring. They have a half a**ed wainscoting which makes the top half light blue and the bottom half of the wall super too duper dark blue. I haven't put anything on the walls and their sheets don't even match. I love this room and I will definitely keep it in mind when actually doing something about my two oldest boys room.

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    Have a wonderful day


  4. that looks awesome, jody! i love the gray palette with the pops of color!

  5. Such a cute and fun room. The red bunkbed is great.

  6. Wonderful! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  7. Sooooo fantastic! Can't believe I'm just now seeing this but I had to tell you that it looks just amazing. You did a great job and I'm sure your boys love it. Thanks for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday last weekend! :-)

  8. like the room...and the curtain you use there...look fantastic.

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  9. The boys room shown here is the beautiful. You can get ideas from here

  10. The boys room reveal of what the boys need most

  11. The boys room reveal and you can make the most of it

  12. The boys room reveal most of what they are . Good post


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