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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One last Christmas project

         I've gone kind of project crazy this year! There is so much inspiration out there that it's been a challenge to reign myself in. So I'm not making any promises but this might be my last Christmas project for this year. {We'll see!}

You can find out how to make the snowflake wreath here

        This is a simple one. I needed something a little taller for my end table in the living room but by now you probably know my project budget for this year is a big fat 0, so I went hunting out back again and cut down a couple of branches.

         I spray painted the branches in a brushed nickle color {which really is for the kitchen hinges-at least it will be well coordinated ;) }. Next I put them in a small vase filled with glass rocks and glitter for a little extra sparkle. Can you have too much sparkle this time of year? Don't answer that!

Yes, OK, those are probably thorns but they make a great deterrent for little fingers!

         Once the branches were in place I added some snowflake ornaments and some felt snowflakes from another project.  To ground the arrangement I used the same spray paint on a tray I had in my basement. It is crying out for some decopage but that will be for another time!

                                                For His glory!

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