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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Projects in Review

     So today I wanted to summarize for you all of the projects I've share with you this fall (you know, just in case you missed a few!) There still is a few days left if you want to squeeze something in!

     The first project {and still my favorite by far} was the knock of version of this Pottery Barn pillow. You can find the tutorial and make your own here. 

       I must be on a knock-off kick because the next project was another Pottery Barn beauty, this Christmas wreath with tutorial here.

       Inspired by a request/challenge from my husbands Aunt, I came up with homemade gift bags out of wrapping paper. Their success as a bag is dependent on the quality of your wrapping paper, but these from Hobby Lobby wrapping paper turned out great. To make your own, follow this tutorial here.

And here's another wreath. {I didn't say this in my post but this too was inspired by something I saw in a PB catalog~seriously if you are not on their mailing list it is worth it just for the ideas!} Check out this tutorial for the snowflake wreath here.

       After getting some of these projects out of the way, I began the decorating for Christmas. I always start in the bathroom. I think I start here because I start my decorating before Thanksgiving and its safer to do this where everyone won't see it right away (you know, in case they are the hostile 'don't decorate before thanksgiving' type, why I care I don't know!) :)

Then, I moved to the outside:

check out the tree tutorial here

Whew! All these projects are making me tired! {It couldn't be the long day I just worked!} Rounding out the projects for this Christmas season are a tablescape, a snowflake tree and a few other decorations around the house!

If you're not on Christmas picture overload here are a few more of our preparations for the big day!

My daughter McKinley and me!

If your eyes are keen you may see the progress in our kitchen with the cabinet painting....slow going!

May the Christ of Christmas and the peace He brings be yours this holiday season and forevermore! I'm taking time off to spend with my family and I hope you get time with yours!

                                                    Merry Christmas!


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  1. i love your projects! your home looks lovely!

  2. Oh, I liked all your projects, you've got beautiful style!

  3. love the pillow! stopping by from CG! Love your festive decorations. love pottery barn too - and all their catalog inspiration :-). Merry Christmas!!

  4. Just found your blog through FB. It's so beautiful! I love what you've done with your Christmas decorations. And, wow, that pillow is incredible.


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