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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A quick pumpkin project

For some reason this fall I have been a little nuts about pumpkins. I showed you in this post here  how to monogram your pumpkins. This is the same project essentially, the only difference is that these pumpkins were white-washed first. I used real pumpkins that were only 50 cents at Meijer.

To paint these guys, I used cheap craft paint in a "snow white" color. I experimented a little with the finish by adding a little bit of water to achieve that white-washed look.

I left the stems in their natural state but a sparkly champagne color stem would be pretty too. Next, print out numbers or letters in the size that best fits your pumpkin size. Cut out your number and gently pin it to the surface of your pumpkin. Using a pen trace your letter or number, then fill in with a small brush and craft paint.

I like the subtly of the #1 and #2 message in the bathroom. My kids haven't figured it out yet! ;) Oh, well! My humor is usually lost on them anyways!


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