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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Creating a homey home

     Don't you just love a house that makes you feel at home the moment you step in?    A homey home is one that is warm and inviting. Its a home that greets you with comfort and makes you smile when you return from a hard day. Our homes are the shell of our lives. They protect us, keep us warm and never judge.


How do we create spaces that are warm and inviting? First of all we must look at the attitudes we project to our family and friends. Beyond that there are many things that we can do to enhance that warm and cozy feeling in our homes. Here are my tips for creating a 'homey home':

     1)   Add layers   This time of year its especially easy to do this. Add a throw to your couch or armchair, fold a quilt and put it at the end of a bed. Think beyond just putting a pillow in each corner of the couch, add a bunch! Think about your floors too, rugs help to warm things up both visually and underfoot. Add a runner to a table.
Pottery Barn

     2)   Add texture   Adding texture to your spaces adds to the visual interest and warmth. Think about things that feel warm like the nubby texture of a blanket, soft corderoy, or chenille. Use fabrics that you want to run your hand across for your throw pillows on beds, chairs and couches. When you choose curtains, even if you're going with a solid color, look for fabrics with depth or that have that 'touch' factor like silks, linens or even drop cloths. A tone on tone pattern works well too. Add a textural place mat to an end table or bedside table. Even a stack of books provides texture.
Pottery Barn

     3)   Add natural elements   BASKETS! These really bring in that natural element. At our house we use them for shoes, to put a throw blanket in in the living room, to corral sticks of butter in the fridge, to store rolls of toilet paper, to throw our keys in when we come home, and so many other places! Floral arrangements, wicker balls, sticks, shells, or plants, these help to provide life to a room.
Pottery Barn

     4)   Use of color   Color is a big way to add warmth to any space. Maybe your design style is very minimal and the thought of bringing in some of the above items doesn't work for you, but you still want warmth. Use color! Most any color has warm shades and cool shades, but when we think of warmth we think of creams, and spicy colors likes reds, oranges and browns. Use these colors all over or sparingly. I'm more of a green and blue person but I've added in browns and creams to add that warmth.
Pottery Barn

If you've done all of this and it still feels cold, turn up your thermostat! (This is for my friends Jeff and Katy ;) )

I hope that you are inspired by some of these ideas. If you have other thoughts on creating cozy spaces I would love for you to leave a comment!

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