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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another Drop Cloth Pillow

You've probably seen these all over blog land: cute pillows made out of drop cloths. I decided to jump on this band wagon because I wanted to see if they were as easy to make as they looked. Besides I love the way drop cloths look when they get washed up with their oatmeal color and warm nubby texture. I did a simple envelope enclosure for the pillow and it couldn't have been easier.

For this type of pillow you are only sewing two straight lines. I will show you what I mean. First lay your pillow out on your fabric to determine how wide it needs to be. You don't want a generous width because otherwise your pillow will be baggy. Cut a 1/2 inch wider that the width of your pillow. For the length you want your strip to be 1/3 longer that the length of your pillow so that you can fold your strip in thirds.

Sew a seam along each side. Inside out and stuff with your pillow.

For this pillow I made some flowers and hand stitched them on. To make the flowers cut a two inch wide strip of fabric and tie a knot at the very end. The length depends on how big you want your flowers. I did two different sizes.

Twist the fabric and wrap it around your knot, using a dab of hot glue every so often to help it maintain its shape. When you have the right size glue the flap onto the back (see picture). You will burn your fingers in the process! Do as many or as few as you want. Have fun! Oh, it was as easy as they say it is!;) This whole project even with the hand stitching of the flowers took about 35 minutes!


  1. I love it Jody! The oatmeal color goes with everything too. Keep the ideas going!

  2. How did you get all the paint drips off of the drop cloth?


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