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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome to Homey Home!

No, this is not a blog about a home in the ghetto! “Homey home” is what my now 9 year old son used to call our house when he was little after returning home from any outing. It always warmed my heart!
For me, a homey home is one that is inviting, warm and welcoming. Its a home that greets you with comfort and makes you smile when you return from a hard day. A home is the shell for our lives. It protects, keeps warm, and never judges. For our family it’s all about good space planning, organization, functionality and beauty. Its also about being a good steward of what God has given us. Nothing is over the top or excessive and if it can be done for free-all the better! This blog is the story of my home; how its decorated, how we live our lives, new projects and how God has blessed us.
My hope is that it will be a source of inspiration and creativity for you, and if nothing else, make you smile. To begin with, I may not update often.
For my maiden voyage I just want to share glimpses of some of the projects I have been busy with this summer. Later on I may go in detail about some of them. 

This was my attempt to help open up the kitchen a little bit. Inspired by 's kitchen I took the cupboard doors off. Phase 2 of this project is to paint all of the cabinets. To the back of the cabinet I added contact paper in a design that coordinated with the rest of the room.

 These are pictures from the former family room that we turned into our fourth bedroom. My hubby made the bunk bed from scratch! The dressers are from IKEA (love that place) and the lamp is from my local thrift store.

This is my wall stencil project in our master bedroom. This was a template that I downloaded from that was traced onto the wall then freehanded. I love how it turned out and updated our bedroom a bit.
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